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Subject: Do jujus works in arlationshp?
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khalai 24.05.09 - 06:17pm
Plse wnt 2knw if jujus do magic in aluv afair?jst hear 99% of women use them 2kp their hubbies,some men 2use thm!do they rly work??!!! *

nikan 4.08.09 - 07:46pm
I do agree dat kuna uchawi n smetimes its usd in relationshp. Bt the best rlntionshp dpends on how the couple influences one anatha. Thats my own typa juju. *

jeanjoyc 14.08.09 - 08:27pm
I dnt believe in em at all,trust n faithfulness is wot nid *

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