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Subject: Love triangle
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kaptrina 6.04.09 - 04:17pm
Hey ya'll..i nid ur help out hea..i gt a pal who z so IN LOVE wid dis guy n she's sua he filz d same bt d beef z d guy hs a galfwend bt says he dnt love her..nw ma pal z worried d guy myt get bk 2getha wid hs ex n wandaz wat 2 do..should she stay around n c wat happenz or remain wid dis guy no mata d cir tances?she's willin 2 wait till d guy mks up hs mynd bt will d guy choose her or hs ex? *

melix 7.04.09 - 06:35am
First of all i think ur frend made a mistake by mixing ha slf in dis triangle.I knw hw a guyz mind works N to me this sounds lyk a l*st bt not lv a desire to hav bt not lv ha.So ur frend should b ready 4 anything N not to put ha hopes high. *

nikan 7.04.09 - 07:04am
Bt the friend knws that the guy loves her. Just,do ths,dnt let go. Maybe he's findin enaf courage 2 mount up 2 hs gal. I have a flng he wants 2 be wid yo friend. *

kaptrina 7.04.09 - 07:35am
Melix i thnk ur ryt bt if she loves d guy isn't it worth d wait?nikan,bt hw lng should she hv 2 wait,she's a human bein 2 u knw n she hs feelngs *

nikan 7.04.09 - 07:52am
Maybe she'll nt wait for lng. Maybe the guy has smethng in mind. Patience pays huni *

kaptrina 7.04.09 - 09:42am
Well..she does rily love d guy so i thnk she's willin 2 wait,bsidez she does nt wnt 2 loose d guy so d wait shud b worthwhle.. D guy beta nt tk lng or he myt regret it *

nikan 7.04.09 - 10:07am
Regret it? Kwani yo pal aint that patient? *

kaptrina 7.04.09 - 10:25am
She z..hw lng do u thnk she shud wait? *

nikan 7.04.09 - 10:34am
Well i dnt knw her do i? So i cnt knw bt she must be patient *

ssylollo 7.04.09 - 12:24pm
Yeah patience is gud bt atangoja mpaka wen 1 door clses anatha openz he cnt be da only 1 sikwa ubaya wen he takez lng sz shw beshte yako brk-upz mek u strngr n hlp u knw rltnshpz beta *

kaptrina 7.04.09 - 12:30pm
Sz i lyk ur thnkn n nikan u dnt hv 2 knw her 2 understand her!put ur self in her shoes *

nikan 7.04.09 - 12:50pm
Well i already am. Break upz...WAT AN IDEA. Am sua if she breaks up wid hm...he'll be hurt. We focusing on both +ve and -ve aspects. *

kaptrina 7.04.09 - 12:59pm
Who tlkd abt any break upz?dnt put wadz in her mouth...wat r d +ve aspects? *

ssylollo 7.04.09 - 06:42pm
Nikan 4 ril ua ha poa utangoja mpaka lini fct iz u r thnkn as a guy in a ladiez clothz b ha evn da filingz it hats 2 hang on2 smthn u aint guaranted a 50-50 situation is neva gud so asijiwaste asingoje sana atakuwa chosen ITS JST IT NATHN MO *

melix 8.04.09 - 06:55pm
Guyz guyz wat R u talkin abt.If this guy lvz ha then without wasting tym he should face ha galf lyk a man N tel ha that he has fallen in lv wid another.If he can do tht in a shorter tym i think he wld hav proven to me,U N ever1 else tht he truely lvz ha. *

ssylollo 8.04.09 - 07:01pm
Melix exactly swty c ni hivo if u a guy cnt face me tel me tz ova dn wat? U stil luv me *

kaptrina 9.04.09 - 07:35am
Melix bt hw abt d quote dat goes 'love z patient' dnt u thnk d gal shud b patient enaf 2 wait 4 d guy 2 tell hs galfwend dat its ova btn em?sz dats tru bt wat if d guy z tryna fynd d perfct wadz 2 tell hs galfwend dat hs found a new love? *

melix 9.04.09 - 07:51am
That iz jst a might a possibility, tel me Kaptrina hw many dayz has it taken since the guy told ha to b patient? *

kaptrina 9.04.09 - 10:39am
Js a few..i thnk 3 *

dudicof 5.05.09 - 04:41am
I thnk the jamaa's a vry gud man,nt wilng to get her heart broken,gve hm tym 2 get hs words ryt,advice 4 the babe,anythng worth heaven is worth fightng 4,is ths guy? *

khalai 18.05.09 - 05:48pm
ur frd shld leave tht guy immdtly!he still luv his x dearly,afta solvng tht small issue they r hvng they wl b back strga tht neva b4!wl neva trust n1 wi thea xs espc whn thy wa strng b4 tha brkup *

nikan 22.05.09 - 08:07am
Wewe,earthly head...listen here,nt all relationshps work after they get bk 2getha. So,kaptrina should wait....coz ths guy is totally feelng her,and she knws it. *

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