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Subject: 3-way love
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nikan 6.04.09 - 08:18am
Greetings 2 all of you. I have a buddy of mine who is very confusd. 3gals r actually loving hm consistenly. The blunder he's made is that he axeptd ol of them as his galfriends. They r rily stressn hm bt he is so in love wid one of them bt he doesnt want 2 dump the otha 2 coz all three are very emotional and he doesnt want 2 hurt their flngs. Help me advise him! *

kaptrina 6.04.09 - 04:00pm
Follow ur hrt..u cnt plz ol of em n theaz no point of hvin 3galfrndz if u only love 1..u r hurtn d 1 dat u truly love n u myt nt knw it bt mayb she's worried dat u myt choose d athaz ova her...mk up ur mynd b4 its 2 l8 n u loose ol of em...nxt tyme stick 2 1 gal pekee *

ssylollo 6.04.09 - 07:02pm
They say only 1 hldz da keys 2 ua hrt he is sua he lvs dat 1 n IF U LV SMTHN LET IT GO N IF IT CMZ BCK THN TZ UAz if da 2 he leavs r ment 2b they'l cme bck *

kaptrina 13.04.09 - 07:32am
Sz i agree wid u hapo,besidez TRUE LOVE NEVER FADES AWAY *

kially 26.04.09 - 06:29pm
maze tell him 2 follo his heart...minin 2 go wid d 1 he lurvz nd leavez d ada 2...they'll heal...ots not like they'll commit suicide.... *

dudicof 30.04.09 - 07:15am
He only hs one heart so there's no way he cn luv 3 so my advice is he shud tel the others the truth,it alwys sets 1 free. *

nikan 30.04.09 - 07:30am
Btw,thats very true. THE TRUTH SETS 1 FREE...i like that,rily. *

kaptrina 30.04.09 - 07:44am
Xactly...D TRUTH! *

tilaque 1.05.09 - 05:26am
Its nt as easy as u all seem 2put it,'let go of th othr chqs'...he hs built sme attachmnts hea n he cnt lt go tht easly!bt bottom lyn is..he hs 2pick one,eventually! *

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