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Subject: Age difference..
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tilaque 9.01.09 - 05:58am
would u date somebody younger or older than u?uve met ths chk or dude n u jst clickd th vry first tym u met..u r compatible,u enjy each other's company n in th long run,u fall in luv!bt there's one thng lingering in ur mynds...age difference.wot wld U do?! *

tabasamu 9.01.09 - 04:05pm
Increase the amount of time you spend together and get truly involved in each others lives. This way everyone relaxes and the true character surfaces. We are always on our best behaviour at the start of a new relationship. Age does matter especially if there is a generation gap. One has to consider that the older person has settled into their way of doing things. Whereas, the younger person still has so much to discover and try out as this is only natural. Personally, a five year gap is the most I would recommend. *

tilaque 10.01.09 - 06:12am
well sed!cldnt agree more! *

melix 29.01.09 - 08:15am
Wel i can gv my own personal experience Tila.I wz once involved wid dis chic hu wz older than me wid 2yrs bt our luv roled on wel widout minding our ages.In fact the experience wz positive N we got 2 share N exchange ideas that were enlightin 2 both of us *

nikan 1.02.09 - 06:15am
Well we cn as well agree that life's too short to be wasted on the wrng person. Ave eva been in a kinda relationship whea da gal was olda than me. A 2years difference. We bambad each other 4ril. Bt she went away and neva returnd. Take the example of usher. His wife is olda than hm. Love is meant for everybody,be it yung ama old. I conscent with tabasamu. Gud point. *

melix 1.02.09 - 07:07am
Thats what am talkin abt Nikan age are numbers so i think one should consider the chemistry,connection,attraction,the one thing that makes ur hearts both beat.So Tila i think u knw wat i mean. *

nikan 1.02.09 - 08:59am
Bt we should as well knw that everybody ain't the same. There are sme pipo who like exploitn other i.e sme dudes like exploitn older chics for their own benefit. Bt if its love,it was creatd with no measure. So tilaque ,its ol abt being creful and wise,for status affordable. *

tilaque 1.02.09 - 12:54pm
Wot wld i do without u guys...ya'll hv gvn me a whle new perspctve n im actually consdrn it!!thnx ya'll! *

kaptrina 6.02.09 - 04:54am
Age iz nathn bt a namba.ka unafil vyb ya chali den go 4 it bt if u aint sure,then dnt.u shud d8 a guy who's atlist 3 or 5 yrz olda than u coz chalis thnk 3yrz bkwardz.dnt d8 a guy who's d same age as u,its pure disaster n nt a guy who luks lyk he kud die in d nxt wk.d pic iz urz.thnk lng n hard b4 mkin a choice *

dudicof 10.02.09 - 03:45am
1 of the attributes of luv is tht its tymles,u dont rily choose,the chemistry cmes automaticaly,wen the 1 u consider young's mature,thn wot?dont thnk of the no. Hun,follow yua heart,its alwys right. *

geoworld 10.04.09 - 06:21pm
when that gap is over kedo five years. i doubt if it can wak *

nikan 10.04.09 - 06:24pm
Yeah,thats ryt....5yrz gap is abit 2 much *

kaptrina 10.04.09 - 09:13pm
I disagree wid u nikan..5yrz aint dat big..i knw a couple dat hv a 15 yr diffrence n thea hapi *

ssylollo 11.04.09 - 04:43pm
U guyz da fact iz age haimatter wetha chq iz olda or ynger or da guy olda viz-a-viz dats y if ua askd 2 explain hw lv fils lyk 2 lv n b lvd u KNW ITS A FILN U CNT EXPLAIN.so 2 lv n b lvd muv wt da flow tz a SUPERNATURAL SONG WT A SUPERB RHYME *

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