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ssylollo 3.01.09 - 06:31am
U myt dread da day u met hm y so they brk hrtz *

nikan 3.01.09 - 09:36am
Nt all men r vyperz. And thats kinda insultive *

venansio 3.01.09 - 01:20pm
evn women r viperz! y putin de blame only on men? *

cindey25 3.01.09 - 08:50pm
Gal!experience is the best teacher.most men are if not all,u hav just got 2 b strong. *

nikan 3.01.09 - 08:57pm
Exactly Cindy's point. Nt all men r viperz and smehow it depends on how and who u trust that man *

kaptrina 3.01.09 - 09:08pm
Dnt b rushd 2 mk a decisn coz u myt b wrng.nt evry man u mit will b perfct bt u hv 2 tk em as they r. *

nikan 3.01.09 - 09:18pm
Mmmm! I lyke Kaptrina's point. Nt everybody is perfect. Wat abt the one u claim 2 love,dnt u trust hm? Is he a viper? *

kaptrina 3.01.09 - 09:27pm
Thnx nikan.sz usido kitu utaregret.men myt b vipaz(wateva dat meanz)bt we still fall in luv wid em *

ssylollo 3.01.09 - 09:29pm
Yah i say vyperz bt do i say i lv hm n awa trst at tymz shaken dis is nt frm ma experienc tz a TOPIC gt it shish bt aT TYMZ TZ HAD 2 KNW N BELIV IT'WIL LAST *

kaptrina 3.01.09 - 09:50pm
Sz.ka unampenda,dnt doubt hm.dnt kae ka italast.jst trust n luv hm *

ssylollo 4.01.09 - 07:58am
Sz thnx ntatry 4ril i promis u dat am stupid *

nikan 4.01.09 - 10:13pm
A gud lng lasting relationship is also based on trust. If u love yo man,u have 2 trust hm. If u dnt trust hm,then he is nt da man 4 u. *

tabasamu 7.01.09 - 08:27pm
Men. Always a topic. You can't stay in a relationship or any experience where you feel alone just to avoid being alone. To do so is to betray yourself. It is impossible to stay in a relationship where you are unsupported, unacknowledged or unappreciated without eventually being convinced that this is as good as it can get. Anytime you find yourself in a relationship where joy is an illusion, peace refers only to cake or pie, happiness is just around the corner, love is just the way you sign off on letters, you are in the process of destroying your sense of worth. The way we treat ourselves sets the model for how we will be treated. *

dudicof 10.02.09 - 04:09am
Yu break my heart by askin tht,if a dude hs hurt u,thn he's the viper.As mch as we r nt saints we try our best 2 be,do u?Rephrase nd ask,why r sme guyz vipers nd i'l ansa u,rite bak at u,y r sme babes vipers? *

dudicof 10.02.09 - 04:18am
U brek my heart by askin tht.if a dudu hs hurt u thn he's the viper,as mch as we aren't saints,most try their best 2 be,do u?Rephrase ua queri,Y r sme men vipers?don b abusive,we got feelings too cz we're human! *

ssylollo 8.04.09 - 04:56pm
Dudicof no had filnz boo bt am tokn abt da majority labda ua difrnt in a gud way blv me yes bt y hat u cnvince me y men (minus u n othaz) *

kaptrina 8.04.09 - 05:36pm
Sz stop speakn in parables..y do u still thnk dat men r viperz *

pblank 23.08.09 - 03:12pm
Not evry men are viperz *

lavyus 26.08.09 - 03:25pm
I must disagree wid u all,men are practicaly harmless.jst lyk gals we have our our weaknesses,that iz the power of seduction granted to gals,sometyms it gets so hard 2 fight it.am nt tryn 2 justify anythng bt i put my blame on the ladies. *

kaptrina 27.08.09 - 11:01am
Lavyus ebu thnk 2wice b4 commentn...no 1 z 2 blame,its ol prt o human nature,we ol mke mistaks... *

ssylollo 27.08.09 - 03:17pm
Thnx siz bt lavyus y. Blame it on the b b b babez wen in sme relatnshpz da.chqz. 2 blem othaz the guy yes nw explain 2 me abt the guyz charm *

tatendan 6.11.10 - 11:51am
hey! nt evry guy is a d**k especially the gud guys it depepends wth u- the gul *

tatendan 4.02.11 - 09:37am
its not lyk that.... its oly that guys r a liln too unreal sumtymz we alwys wnt the best 4 us and nt 4 ol and tht is wat kills both wrlds (men women) think about it *

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