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Subject: Money and yo honey.
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nikan 27.11.08 - 07:33am
Ok,i have 2 ask ths qn,does money have a role in a strng relatnshp? And if it does,who should do mre? And remember,a strng relatnshp is when u help one another. *

ssylollo 3.12.08 - 08:25pm
Money is 2 spice thngz up nt a necesity bt security bt lv is strng money no money nowadayz its 2 way a gal cn trit a guy vcversa *

kaptrina 5.01.09 - 09:37pm
If u luv d prsn enaf thn u wunt cre abt finances.luv cn conquar anythng includn dau *

trzzzz 8.05.09 - 11:20pm
Yep kaptrina ur right. I think money is lyk a supporting system its thea 2 enable.so accordin 2 me its a diffrent thing from dat special sam1 bt must b involvd at 1 point or da atha. *

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