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Subject: Lovers
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fish..86 5.07.08 - 04:23am
What do u do when the prsn u love decides 2 lay so many traps 4 u,going as far as telling tha friends 2 court u? *

ssylollo 11.08.08 - 09:59pm
Leave hm cz 2 much insecurity n no trust afects largely. He/she proves 2 doubt u *

nikan 12.08.08 - 09:20am
I thnk ssylollo is right. Or maybe assume it as a test. *

alvin.hu 19.08.08 - 10:52am
many tests is gud 2 secure love may be she haznt bad intension wth testn *

insider 19.08.08 - 06:16pm
hey buddy,i can only advise u 2 patiently wait 4 mi 2 send over tha cousin of myn i told u bout,sawa? *

cindey25 9.12.08 - 11:16pm
The person u love?nah!a relationship's built on trust ,so u might as well proceed 2 ha friends.who knows probably its da only chance u have with many gals.brother. *

tabasamu 7.01.09 - 09:03pm
I would be a million miles away by now. Why would the person I am apparently intimate with want to set TRAPS for me? Wow! That is psyco! Run run as fast as you can! *

pink90 15.12.09 - 07:21am
this means that the person does not trust u and wants to nw if 4 sure u love him/her.so ma adive is play the game he/she wants u 2 and u get confronted tell the person that he is the 1 who planned it and u were just playing along in his game.no heart feelings,but thats the way it goes. *

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