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Subject: Love
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nikan 23.04.08 - 10:55pm
Does this so called love exist? *

penigma 26.05.08 - 07:48am
Love a concept tht continues to elude many through all generations. I find it overrated though i think it needs to be thea as a noble concept tht binds ppl b it as a cement tht holds society man wit God the thing tht drives us tht thing we can always look to wen all seems lost then one thing tht can be the worthy virtue to justify us in all we do nd how we relate to each other, how we relate to the inanimate nd intangible stuff like how we view careers, objects of sentimental value our grasp of abstract concepts any ting i should say love exists nd it is a good thing for true to its defination it is worthy nd noble i think da best way love can be manifestated is da love tht was experienced in da middle ages in europe tht romantic nd noble courtly love it was a driving force to many a courses nd thea they were all honourable in intent. Thea nikan i do hope tis brings a different perspective to ur quest for tis complicated issue though it is us who create our own perceptions they could be concretes or just mere constructs to suit our life styles or egos bt i would go for the tried nd tested concepts of da generations go by. *

alvin.hu 27.05.08 - 05:21am
Yer it xist depend on how seriour u take n promises u promise 2 each other *

deedee89 28.05.08 - 07:28am
In my opinion i thnk love is like religion thea to those hu choose to blieve *

nikan 28.05.08 - 11:09am
I think deedee's rite guys.Love is like a religion.Good one dd. *

ssylollo 21.06.08 - 05:20pm
Ma luv love exists it is a knd of chemistry wakn btwn pple. Electrons hld da 2 partys 2getha luv is a SECRET 1 HAS 2 DISCOVER.LYK I DID U *

nikan 23.06.08 - 07:32pm
Yes u did huni. I neva used 2 believe in love bt untill i met sum1 that has changed. Love 2 me is like a mirror,u can look at it and it can reflect u as u r,bt u can break it bt pick the pieces later. *

jeanjoyc 9.08.08 - 08:37am
Ma lv nikan i lso dnt blv in lv bt wn i mt u ma whole lyf chngd bt lv is a comitment *

bassanio 14.08.08 - 09:03am
Wel 2 begin with, lov is an intense emotion of attachment, affection, warmth, fondnes ad regard 4 a person or sumthn. Wel nikan lov exist bt in diff forms.1). Eros- s*xual desire or romantic lov. 2).phileo-lov expressd 2wards freds.3).storge-lov 2wads family members related 2 us by blood ad finally. 4).agape-xstian lov, God's lov 4 human beins. That describes lov ad we fal in one category or the atha. *

nikan 14.08.08 - 05:09pm
Bassanio,yo one dude that am begining 2 like. By the way teenage love ain't LOVE. Its INFATUATION. Infatuation maybe at times hurting,bt it helps us learn our lesson that true love waits. Wat do u thnk Bassanio? *

bassanio 14.08.08 - 07:30pm
Wel 90% of teenage luv can b infatuation bt as times go by, ths foolish lov can turn in2 real lov as the teens mind matures gradually ad the cognitive need 2 lov takes a new meaning. *

nikan 14.08.08 - 08:32pm
Exactly. It does turn into real love. I like it. Well myn has already turnd into reality, right Ssylollo? *

ssylollo 15.08.08 - 08:10pm
Yeah it hz wel we grow outa infactuatn bt we've grwn wit infactuatn 2 RIL LV gues we r 2 b or basanio wat do u thnk of dt lv foundatn *

nikan 15.08.08 - 09:26pm
Yeah bassanio,wat do u thnk of that *

bassanio 16.08.08 - 05:57pm
Wel ssylo, nikan thanx. The important thin now is 4 u 2 take care of ur lov by bein honest, faithful, transparent ad avoid simple, silly mistakes like ignorance ad assumption. They can cost u alot my dea friends. Take care of ths lov ad i asure u mtatoboa 2 great heights. Thanx. *

nikan 17.08.08 - 08:18am
Ssylollo umesikia! Thanx budi. Thats tru. *

ssylollo 17.08.08 - 03:43pm
Thx basanio tutatoboa si vako we wil n NIKAN THNX 4 LUVN ME So so much .basanio da 1 huz stolen ua hrt is vry lucky tl ha *

bassanio 17.08.08 - 07:50pm
Wel ssyllo, thanx 4 the compliment. *

diday2 20.08.08 - 10:01am
Nikan r u in luv with ssylollo or ur just close frenz *

nikan 20.08.08 - 05:10pm
Yeah,Ssylollo and i are an item. Y do u ask out of curiosity? *

ssylollo 20.08.08 - 07:10pm
Yes we 1 manze da charls guy hu snt a bgup 4 me n nikan in da beat tx 4 dt am sory if i hurt u *

dudicof 7.03.09 - 04:51am
Not only is it lyk a religion bt also a covenanti do biliv nd believe u me,there's nthng as swit,i jnw wot it hs dne 2 me nd there's nthng as bitter,trust me,av seen both syds of the coin nd do u knw where i am nw? *

bluey3 11.03.09 - 10:35pm
I believe tht love daz exist.Luv is a feelin, jst lyk attraction, admiration... So dnt confuse those feelings or u wil end up believin tht love daz nt exist! *

pink90 15.12.09 - 07:09am
all yah are corret but remember @ the same time, by beliving that u are inlove or loving sm1 to the extrems comes with responsibility you nw? so untill u nw that 4 sure am willing to risk things 4 love 2 occur in ur life thats wn 4 sure u nw that love exist.and not only loving sm1 but that person loving u back as well. *

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